What's Holding You Back?

Do you remember the amazing story of Roger Bannister?  He was the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes.  He did this in 1954 after having been disappointed with his performance in the 1952 Olympics.  

High performers are often like that- just getting to the Olympics isn't enough.  They want to win.

Prior to his incredible accomplishment, no other person had broken the magical four minute mile mark.  Within three years, 16 others had broken through and joined the ranks of sub-four minute milers.  Incredible! 

Was there something magical about the year 1954?  Did runners suddenly discover a new method of training?  

No and no.  It was a mental and a physical breakthrough.  Runners discovered that they could break through prior barriers in their mind and in their bodies.

Here in Jersey, life is right-smack in the middle of Summer.  The kids are getting tired with having time off.  Our last vacation is right around the corner.  Life is good. 

Yet, I sometimes have a  hard time being "ok" with having time off in the Summer.  Call it Catholic Guilt or something else, I don't know.  Sometimes I feel bad for those who don't have time off like I do in the Summer.  Then I go back to work and don't really enjoy the benefits of Summer.

What's holding me back?  It's a collection of mental models I've built up (work hard, don't rest too much, etc.) and the way our culture works.  After all, most people apparently don't value vacation or time off. 

No.  Time for a change.  As of today, I'm going to stop beating myself up and enjoy Summer.  Thanks be to God that I've chosen to work in education where I can enjoy some downtime and be with my family more than most people can.  Thanks be to my bosses for believing in me and having the confidence in my work.  Thanks be to God for a family that enjoys being together.  (is there anything better than pulling in the driveway to the cheers of screaming kids?) 

Whatever is holding you back... name it and then move on.  Happiness/success/breakthrough is closer than you think.  You may not (or may!) be able to break the four minute mile but there are countless other things you can be accomplishing along the way.   

What's holding you back? 

Feature photo courtesy of FDP