How do You Know That It's Time for a Do Over?

It's summer and it's blessedly hot here in New Jersey!  The kids are fairing well enough and Cary and I are becoming experts at "air conditioning management".  

In other words, we live in a 60 year old home that has weak AC!

Summer is also great for pulling a Do Over.  Think about it- kids are off from school and have a chance to start over.  They'll do summer reading and recapture some intellectual motivation.  

At work, summer is great for a Do Over as well.  People go away on vacation and tensions that had previously been felt seem to dissipate into the past.  

A Do Over is usually made up of the following:

  • time spent away from your usual routine
  • conversations with people you love and respect
  • reflection on the state of your career, relationships and faith

We're not talking about a Do Over where you get to erase the past.  That's impossible and probably a waste of time to think about.  

Rather, a Do Over in today's context is more about recalibrating where you are at and what you are about.  I work with a lot of people at school and interact with tons of good folks online.  

Some seem genuinely happy and others are outright miserable. (the former, by the way, are the ones that others flock to!)

My website got a Do Over in the past two weeks.  It was time to curate years of content so that it would be easier to access.  I also decided to give readers of The Path pre-access to content before it hit the general public.  (hey, membership should have some privileges right?)

In your life, some things to consider:

  • Is there a relationship that could use a Do Over or reset?
  • Is your online presence saying what you want it to?
  • Is your work life as fulfilling as it could be?

The good news is that Do Overs cost nothing!  They can happen at any time. All it takes is an honest look at yourself and the courage to do something about it.  

Chances are someone else will be glad you did.