6 Reasons You Should Step Away from Technology

My wife said to me about three months ago that she thought I was getting sucked in to what she called "too much technology".  Naturally, I shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes.  After all, I'm the techie husband that gets asked questions about computers when folks come over for dinner.

A few days later, a parent at school asked how I did it all, being a dad to four little kids and running a school during the day.  I smiled and gave a nice answer as if to convey that everything was in check.  Unfortunately it wasn't.

Cary was right- I was getting too heavy a dose of tech each week and it was getting the better of me.

I wasn't enjoying Twitter on most days. LinkedIn was feeling sterile.  My Tumblr blog at work was being ignored.  All of that led me to realize that I needed to step away for a while.  Last week I finally declared a technology fast and it did me wonders of good.  I don't think I'm still fully recharged but thought it was the right time to jump back in.  

My posts?  They'll be shorter, simpler and more to the point.  

Why step away temporarily from tech?  Here are six reasons why it will make sense for you:


  1. You'll have more time for those you love.
  2. You'll find joy in silence.
  3. Simple things will matter more.
  4. You'll physically feel better because you'll have more time to work out.  
  5. You'll get more sleep at night and sleep better.
  6. When you return to tech, you'll have new insights to share with others.


How is technology getting the best of you these days?

Photo courtesy of CLS