Mini Review: Something More: The Professional's Pursuit of a Meaningful Life By Randy Hain

Author Randy Hain has become the guru of faith-based advice for professionals.  He is humble, forward thinking and to the point.  With a successful career and a dynamic faith, his words ring true over and over again.

His first two books "The Catholic Briefcase: Tools for Integrating Faith and Work”, was released in late November 2011 by Liguori Publications. His second book, “Along the Way: Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith” was released a year later by Liguori Publications and formed the second hit in Randy's portfolio.

Something More: the Professional's Pusuit of a Meaningful Life is consistent with his first two books but also creates an avenue for greater dialogue.  I spoke with Randy a few weeks ago and he told me that he wanted Something More to be slightly more ecumenical than his first two works.  There's plenty of references to Randy's Catholic faith but it's not preachy by any means.  This book would be useful to a person with a value system even if they weren't die-in-the wool Christians.

Randy's style is very conversational and not "in your face" when it comes to faith references.  The book responds to so many professionals who find themselves staring in the mirror and wondering if there's more to life than getting a paycheck and a corner office.  Think about it- have you ever felt like your career is more of a rat race than a journey with purpose?

Something More addresses everything from one's motivations in the workplace to the need to be an authentic leader.  Randy challenges the contemporary notions of success and invites the reader to have courage when it comes to putting one's family first.  

What makes this book unique is its delivery.  Randy is the architect, providing an outline that encompasses just about every challenge that a working pro will face in his adult life.  He then compliments his own insights with dozens of interviews from working professionals in every chapter. Their perspective is fantastic, giving the reader a true "boots on the ground" application of the higher points that Randy provides.

Memorable Quote
"I needed to lead an integrated life where I could be the same person all the time and put his will first in every aspect of my life."

I loved this book and devoured it in a day.  It's a great resource to pass along to someone who is trying to make a difference in their work but feels pulled in every direction imaginable.  You can pick up a copy of Randy's excellent book here.

Randy was kind enough to provide me with review copy of the book.  Thanks Randy and keep up the good work!


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