My Newest Project: Path to Leadership!

Mentoring is something that I'm passionate about.  I love helping new leaders "break in" and find a job that they love.  It's cliche but the more you give, the more you get in return.

Which brings me to my new project, Path to Leadership.  

Path to Leadership was born out of a desire to mentor folks who work in faith-based schools.  Having served in a number of schools over the past decade, I realized that there is far too little mentoring that goes into the evolution of school leaders.

Path to Leadership is a mentoring tool for those who want to:

  1. Achieve a leadership position in a faith-based school.  It's not easy to land a quality job within a system that often recognizes leaders slowly.
  2. Maximize their leadership skills in their present role.  Great leaders need tools to help them reduce inefficiency and boost productivity.

What will you find at Path to Leadership?  

  • My latest eBook, "How to Interview Like a Pro".  This "book" is a fast read and is guaranteed to help you learn the ins and outs of getting a leadership position in a Catholic school.  It will show you the behind-the-scenes look at what schools look for in a new leader and how you can ace the process.
  • Information about the praxis exam that school leaders complete.  It's not fun but a must-take for school leaders in training.
  • Graduate school finder.  Instead of wasting hours searching for all of the best education graduate schools, I've streamlined the process and provide a great list.  This will save you a ton of time.
  • Freebies!  I've included three brand new articles that deal with work-life balance, grad school myths and how to work effectively with an administrative assistant.  I think you'll really enjoy these free downloads.
  • Endorsements.  You can see what thought leaders think about Path to Leadership.  I'm humbled by their partnership in this project.  
  • Mailing List.  You'll want to join this free (no smam, I promise!) mailing list of folks just like you who want to make a difference in their leadership roles.

The best thing about Path to Leadership is that we're just getting started.  There will be more Freebies, more eBooks and more resources that will practically assist you in your own leadership.

I'm also proud of my Launch Team who will be promoting Path to Leadership in the first week of March.  These are friends and thought leaders in the area of technology, productivity and education.  You guys rock!

So what are you waiting for?  

Head over to Path to Leadership right now!

Mike StPierre