One Perfect Day: A School Leader's Challenge

Most school leaders that I talk to are stressed- big time.  Between the Student Growth Objectives being pushed here in NJ to the hundreds of teacher observations being mandated, it's darn difficult to stay positive. 

Still, a school leader has an obligation to stay above the fray, take the high road and practice skills that lead to "good days". 

Good days feel better than good.  They feel amazingly "right" and remind us why we got into education in the first place.  These are the days when we focus less on the requirements of the school office and emphasize the value of working with kids.  

Good days are not as frequent as we'd like but I have a challenge to all school leaders: instead of lamenting the many, many difficult days, go instead for small wins.  

One day at a time.   

Now imagine an absolutely perfect day.  Imagine... 

  • Getting enough sleep the night before
  • Having your work clothes laid out and ready for morning routines
  • Your lunch already prepared and in the fridge
  • Your car already gassed up for the day
  • Running meetings that are on time and efficient
  • Spending your day encouraging coworkers
  • Listening to parents and staff so that they feel your empathy
  • Planting vision seeds throughout the day
  • Being proud of your school
  • Ending your day on time so that you can see your family and be fully present to them
  • Getting to bed early so that you can do it all again tomorrow

All of this is possible.  Probably not every day but for one day (think: this week) you can do it.