Shifting Focus: How TDS Will Look Different in the Future


A friend of mine has been out of touch for weeks.  His new work responsibilities are consuming.  Another friend, Kevin, just moved back into the area and a friendship has been rekindled.  Life is like that- a shift in focus can bring new room for leisure, creativity and time.  It can also shuttle things to the margins.

You'll notice my blogging becoming less frequent.  I've begun a doctoral program and it's a huge commitment.  (that's obvious I suppose)  The time isn't there like it was before but it's okay.  The allocation of focus has shifted and is allowing for new ideas to grow.

As such, The Daily Saint blog will feature less writing about the spirituality of work and a lot more about educational technology.  Quite frankly, it's where I'm at right now and I want to run with it.  

Where is God leading you right now?  Do you need to make any sort of shift in your energy, time or resources?

Mike StPierre