Could Siri Manage Your Team for You?

Have you ever wandered into the grocery store and stopped, scratched your head and wondered what you needed in the first place? 

Or, in a workplace scenario, have you ever been in a meeting and forgotten exactly what you wanted to talk about with the person on the other side of the table?

The problem isn't your brain or the store or the pad of paper in front of you.

The problem may lie in your ability to keep lists and then activate their content at the right time.  After all, an idea may show up at the most random of times and escape you at precisely the moment when you need it most. 

In this post, I'll be showing you how to use Apple's Reminders app and Siri work together to make your lists work for you.  When your lists are on high octane and working well, your team will benefit all the more.

Here is where I posit an almost heretical thought: could Siri actually manage your team for you? Could an app do your work for you?  Let’s find out.

Here are the steps involved: 

1. If you haven't already, set up Reminders on your Mac or iOS device.  This is easy and can be done by pulling up Reminders and creating some lists that will be easy to remember when you are on the go.  

2. Set up a few, can't forget lists.  In your personal life, this could be Grocery Store or even Walmart.  For work, I recommend lists named after the person you manage.  If you manage Barbara, create a list called Barbara.  If you have someone report to you that has a super-difficult name, you may want to give him a code name as Siri can have difficulty with tough names.  As Craig mentioned in a recent post, this list naming can become a game (which isn't a bad thing for your productivity).

3. Try it out on the go.  You can watch my demo here using the iPhone as my input device.


4. Now test it out with a person that you manage.  This is where the magic happens.  Rather than try to remember what you wanted to talk about with Barbara, let your list in Reminders do the work for you.  As I showed in the demo, my next team meeting regarding Saturday’s event has a reminder that I might have otherwise forgotten to mention while at the meeting.

I use Siri and Reminders every day.  My team has no idea that I use both applications to keep organized and that's part of the fun.  When technology makes you look smarter than you are, I’m all for it.

Back to my wild idea: could Siri manage your team for you?  Probably not.  There is no substitute for honest to goodness human interaction and deep down, we all know that teamwork isn’t built on an app, no matter how smooth it may be.  

Siri along with Reminders does a great job of keeping you on task and putting your ideas in front of you when you need them most.  As a manager of people, that’s another thing…

How are you using Siri in order to get things done?

Photo courtesy of AMDG