Slowing Down as a Spiritual Practice

It's official- if the internet of a few years ago (remember the famous Nicholas Carr piece in The Atlantic?) made us dumb, the internet of today is making is dumb faster.  

Michael Hyatt has weighed in with some strong suggestions for countering the effects of the internet.  I appreciate his emphasis on slowing down the pace of life.

I've had some great clarity this summer.  Vacation helped with that and an easier schedule has allowed me to come home at night with some energy actually left in the tank.  I feel more alert and better able to focus on Grace, Thomas, Ella and Benjamin (who is now speaking in sentences so what's not to love about that?!)

Slowing down is also a vital spiritual practice, especially for busy folks.  The key though is to routinely slow down so that "the next slow down" doesn't feel exotic- it just feels natural.  

Sort of like turning off the tv.  If you never do it, it's hard to bear the silence.  If you do it often, you'll be a silence-appreciator.  

How are you slowing down the pace of life this summer?

Photo courtesy of MV