How to Integrate Spirituality in Your Performance Reviews

I don't know about you but I find performance reviews to be both exciting and frustrating.  Exciting from the standpoint of having an opportunity to encourage someone.  Frustrating from the standpoint of not knowing how much "God talk" to include in the document.

The guideline I use is the 80/20 rule of performance reviews:  focus 80% of your comments on the person's workplace performance.  Use the other 20% to affirm their spirituality or ability to sync with the organization's core mission.  We're not talking about religion but about one's spiritual working-ness.

An example of how this could be practiced is in the following example:

"Jose, your ability to manage complex tasks is admirable.  In any given week, you balance 10-12 active projects with precision and in a timely manner.  In particular, your handling of the X Account is worth mentioning as you adeptly coordinated Deadline Y with Issue Z back in February.  Good work on this.  As this organization is focused on stewarding the gifts God has given to each of us, you live this out on a daily basis and we are all better as a result."

Question: how are you integrating spirituality into your performance reviews?

*Photo courtesy of EM