What Customer Service is Really About

I was setting up a new MacBook Air a few weeks back. My list of apps and programs were being loaded until I hit a snag with OmniFocus. Having initially loaded OF via their website, I couldn't use the Mac App Store version. Unfortunately, my old serial number wouldn't register so I emailed the OmniGroup for advice.

I received not one but three emails back from Omni. One email went like this, "Dear Mike, we're sorry that you are having a problem with OmniFocus. The person you emailed is not in today so I'm stepping in for her." At first, I thought this was a joke. Who provides service that is so good that one staffer will step in for another staffer?

My problem was resolved in minutes.

Customer service is, if nothing else, about helping feel valued as individuals. It means extending a hand so that they stand out from the crowd. No one wants to feel used or manipulated and customer service can be the bridge between anonymous and known.

Question: who can you serve today so that they feel known and respected?