Parking Lots and Productivity

When was the last time that you had a bad parking lot encounter?  I typically average one a year.  

A fender bender, a honking horn, a rude driver- all come with the territory when it comes to parking lots.  I had a unique experience this past weekend in the local Shop Rite here in town.  

We had dropped off my wife so that she could get some items for Sunday night dinner.  As we usually do, we began to do loops, looking for an available parking space.  

An answer to prayer then presents itself- not only an open spot but the very first spot in the best row in the entire lot.  Can it get any better than this?  

I position my vehicle, ok so it's a minivan I admit it, and prepare to back into the spot.  Then, out of nowhere, a horn starts honking as if to wave me off of my incredible find.  An older woman in an older car had apparently seen my spot from 30 yards away.  

My spot.

I have to make a quick decision.  To keep the space or pass it along to her.  Keep it.  Pass it along.  Keep.  Pass.

Who would have thought that a parking space would produce such anxiety?  My decision became clear- surrender the space.  After all, I had to show my kids, all of whom were cheering me on to practically brawl with the woman, that generosity can appear in the most unlikely of places.  

The moment came and went and Mrs. That's-My-Space got her wish.  

I then explained to my audience that there are rules to parking lots.  You know them right?  Don't park over the yellow lines.  Don't ding someone else's door.  Person closest to the space claims it.  

The woman clearly didn't know the rules of parking lot etiquette or worse, ignored them altogether.  

Let's switch to work- who is ignoring a rule that you think is sacred?  Who allowed the pot-pie to explode in the microwave oven?  Who jammed the copier and then left for "more important work"?  

Every day, all over the world, people are ignoring things that you think are important.  You may even take them for granted.  My advice is simple: the next time you are totally frustrated by someone else, consider the unspoken rule that you hold dear.  

Name it and find out why it's important to you.

Photo courtesy of AMDG.