Productive Culture

Have you ever walked into a store and were made to feel like an inconvenience by the staff? They might make you wait when there is no one in front of you or they might talk with one another in front of you, as if you weren't there. Whatever the case, you know when a workplace culture just doesn't feel "right".

This bad vibe (that we've all experienced at one time or another) is intrinsically connected to what I call productive culture.

Productive culture is the energy that emerges through a particular staff or group of employees.

Some teams get a lot done and you can count on them to hit it out of the park, time and time again. Other teams walk slowly through the halls, linger in meetings and are just slightly above mediocre. If these teams were baseball players, they would be batting about .200- not very impressive.

How can you set a good example and motivate your group to maximize their productive culture? Here are some suggestions:

1. Move quickly through your day. Walk with purpose and try not to linger at meetings or during breaks.

2. Cut down on meetings. The fewer the better.

3. Use the first few hours to get the toughest things done. Your entire team should know that 8am-11am are your peak times for productivity.

4. Balance your open door with your closed door. The former is very PC. The latter is less popular but, when used smartly, key to productive culture.

5. Look people in the eye. Never forget that a job well done and a productive culture are dependent on the people around you.

What are you doing to maximize a productive culture at your work?

*photo courtesy of AMDG