How to Stay Motivated When it Feels Like Summer

Memorial Day weekend was a blast- small town Jersey at its finest. Parades, open houses, picnics and of course the opening of the infamous Stirling "Lake", which is hardly more than a pond.

It was muggy, bright and fun. And... now it's back to work. Mondays have a way of repeating themselves don't they? The temptation is to cling on to what minutes remain with each weekend night, dreading the call of meetings, demands and expectations. But hold on- the terrific rest of a weekend can only make sense with the productivity of any given week.

They almost need one another and that's why Memorial Day is the perfect time to think about your own motivation as it gets hotter and you feel like working less and less.

First, consider they WHY behind your WHAT. In other words, remember the reason why you have to get up early on Monday and report for duty. Is it a calling, a vocation, a cause? Why do what you do?

Second, consider the faces that you kiss goodbye. When I leave for work, I'm literally leaving behind my wife and four children. They depend on me and my labor. That makes the week more meaningful. If I didn't work hard, there would be no quality of life and probably no weekend to enjoy at all.

Third and finally, there might actually be some nice things ahead of you this week. God has a way of surprising us, especially when we least expect it.

This past weekend I was dreading having to work the Snack Shack at a Little League game here in town. My wife wasn't able to work so it was me and four women from town serving churros to ballgame spectators.

Or so I thought- when I showed up report for my time slot I was taken off the hook and was able to coach instead of serve churros. No joke- that was an act of Divine Intervention. God does that all of the time, seriously.

Sure it may be hot. You may have to serve bad fast food at your kid's baseball game. You may not feel like work on Monday but go at it anyway. Think of the faces that you kiss goodbye and the difference that you are making with your work.

Photo courtesy of AMDG.