How to Avoid Letting Problems Linger Just before Easter, we were getting the house ready for some guests.  Not surprisingly, we came across more than a few of the kids' toys that they no longer played with.  All were at one time enjoyed.  Most had become yesterday's news.  

It struck me- old things are often like life.  It's so darn easy to just let things linger and "hang around".  Before you know it, they are taking up room that you could just as well use for more important things.

What have you allowed to linger in your worklife?  Is it as innocent as clutter or something more devestating like a negative colleague?  Is there a dysfunction that you could address TODAY so that it doesn't take up a moment of future space?

So what to do if you have some problems that you haven't yet addressed at work?  Here are three suggestions:


  1. Consider what's annoying you day after day.  Let's face it, we often sweep problems under the rug.  If someone or something is bothering you day after day, that may be a good sign that you have an unaddressed problem. 
  2. Prioritize your problems and seek wisdom from your mentors.  Once you've identified the problem(s), run it by someone that you consider to be wise and can provide you with advice.  My spiritual director, Fr. Terry, is often an excellent sounding board for the things that are on my mind.  I may want to act quickly when I should slow down.  On the flip side, it may actually be appropriate to address something within a day or two.
  3. Do something about it.  No one will fix your problems but you so get to it.  Write down your plan and then take it step by step.  Often, a conversation is the next action step, no matter how unpleasant it may be.


Peace is the tranquility of order.  St. Augustine of Hippo

Just like toys, issues can linger.  It's up to you to clear out the gunk and get on with things.  Your organization depends on your leadership, it really does.

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