Who are the Wisdom People in Your Life?

Before I was an executive I would ask people in leadership one simple question, "What's the best and worst thing about being the boss?"  One friend very quickly put it this way, saying "Being the boss and being the boss."  

For me, it's been different.  I'm not sure I can say what the worst thing is about leading an organization because, quite frankly, it's a privilege.  

And a gift.

Part of the gift for me has been an excuse to make sure that I'm plugged into people of wisdom.  Routinely, I will have coffee or lunch with people that I "should" be connecting with.  These are either folks that are important to connect with for school or people that can support me as a leader.

Last week, two of my wisdom people, as I like to call them, came for a visit.  One is a professional juggler.  The other, an 82 year old retiree who spends a day a week at a local Habitat for Humanity re-store.  After each left for home, I felt energized, motivated and ready.

These folks are present in your life as well?  Can you write down the names of 3-5 wisdom people with whom you can connect on a regular basis?  

Like the scaffolds around a building that is being constructed, these wisdom people can support you in ways large and small.


Photo courtesy of Simon Howden