The Kindle Fire After One Month of Use

Like many holiday shoppers, I greeted a new Amazon Kindle Fire with enthusiasm.  I had a few questions before I opened the box:

Would it rival my iPad 2?

Would the 7" screen be more ideal for reading?

Since it arrived, I've tried it as a productivity device and my conclusion is simple: the Fire disappoints if you're trying to get work done.  The apps look terrible for email compared to those on the iPad.  In addition, the smaller keyboard just doesn't feel right for typing.

Sure, I can access Twitter just fine but again, I'd rather use my iPhone or iPad for a more elegant solution.

As for games, the Fire is a suitable device and my kids love the free "app of the day".  I'm not a big gamer so this isn't really a big deal for me.

Battery life is quite good and overall the form factor is both portable and solidely built.  It feels good in the hand and is very durable.

While the productivity aspects of the Fire lag, I like the Fire a lot when it comes to reading via the Kindle store.  I always felt like the iPad was just too big to read on and the Fire offers a better overall reading experience.

How are you using your Fire whether as a productivity device or one just for media consumption?