The One Question That Could Land You a Job

If you've been interviewed lately, you probably had a mixed reaction to the process.  So many companies never even get back to you after the interview and others are just inept at the process.  


This is a demoralizing process for folks who try but can't seem to nail down a job.


The folks at Manager Tools call this phenomenon "The Christmas Rule".  Just as Christmas only comes around once a year, interviews are just as rare.  As a result, most companies don't do them very well.  Their follow up is even worse.  


So here's a good question to ask if you are interviewing someone else for a position: how will we know that you've been here after a year of employment?  In other words, what difference will you make?  Someone who has an ability to answer that quickly and thoughtfully is on his way.


The one who can then deliver on that answer will be able to keep their job for a long time.


What is the worst question that you had to field during the interview process?


Photo courtesy of MT