How's Your Morning Routine?

So what's your morning routine look like?  Do you have one?  Would you like to have a flow that each day starts with?

Seems like everyone is talking about their morning routine.  Mike Hyatt's recent podcast does an excellent job of outlining successful components of his morning jig.  Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income also wrote about his to-do list and how he keeps it simple.

I'm a morning guy but not because I'm very disciplined- I'm not.  What I do enjoy is getting a lot of work done and it seems like the morning is a better time to do that.  That's just me and you could be different.  My wife, Cary is more of a night owl.  That could explain how we are so complimentary.  

The key is this: the better your routine, the less stress you'll have as the day goes on.  Anyhow, here's my current morning routine:

5:10 press snooze

5:15 wake up for real

5:15-5:20 brew coffee and do stretches

5:20-6:00 check Twitter, go through the daily Mass readings from the Bible, write in Day One journal

6:00-6:35 shave, shower and get ready for work

6:35-7:15 commute

7:20 arrive at work and attend Daily Mass

7:45 work!

Can you write down a similar schedule that almost every day follows?  What's working for you in terms of getting the most out of your day?

Photo courtesy of HM