Three Simple Ways to End Your Week in Style

Isn't it amazing how people talk about their week?  A man I met a few weeks back said, "I'm alive, what else can I say?"  

Not exactly a high standard if you asked me.

Other people talk about how things are going in nautical terms:

'I'm really drowning in work!
I'm swimming in paperwork and memos!
I'm in over my head!

As you and I end our week, it's worth looking at a few ways that we can end the week without, dare I say it, going overboard:

Review your project list.  If you haven't looked at your project list in a while, Friday is a perfect time to do this.  
Get into work early.  Most people limp into work on Friday feeling a bit of relief that the week is almost done.  Meet this head on by getting into work early and you'll be ready to rock and roll.
Get clean.  Your office/cubicle/desk really needs to be tidied up before you leave for the weekend.  I suggest about 15 minutes sometime between 3-5pm to clean things up.  One step further would be to prepare your Monday to-do list once your workspace is clean and organized.

So go to it!  Here's to a great end to the week.