The Reason Why People Read Your Blog

Mike Vardy's interview with Cal Newport got me thinking- are we really post-productivity?  When so many voices in the productivity space have gone philosophical, it gets you wondering.

Leo from Zen Habits has moved beyond "life hacks" to a more spiritual approach to work.  He's not alone.  Merlin Mann did this years ago and occasionally shows up on his 5X5 show, Back to Work. I guess they're too cool for school.

Yet, if we really are "beyond tips and tricks", why do the grocery store magazines still sell?  If beauty is more about perspective than weight loss, why do so many people still buy the magazines with "5 Steps Towards 6 Pack Abs"?

The answer is simple- life is about simple steps to getting things done.  Philosophy is of value, no doubt and my undergaduate major is in philosophy.  Yet, I've never cleaned out a closet or hammered out a blog post because I've been more or less philosophical.  Last I checked, my abs aren't getting worse because of something I think but because of the behavior I practice.  (Damn you, late night ice cream!)

This is why people read The Daily Saint and any blog for that matter- they want to hear your voice on the subject.  I could watch some guy in his basement on YouTube unbox the Kindle Fire but it seems a lot more interesting if someone I know is doing it.  This is why Michael Sliwinski of Nozbe is of interest to people when he demonstrates a workout plan for when you're on the go.  The plan isn't that clever but his perspective is.  Folks will always need practical advice for their simple problems.

People follow those that provide helpful content and those that they form a relationship with.  That's why people read your blog.

*Happy New Year to all and thanks for reading my blog for the past six years!