My Review of GoCal Calendar App

I recently saw a link to a new iOS app called GoCal from LightRoom Apps.  After I sent out a tweet conveying some curiosity about the app, LightRoom was kind enough to contact me and then provide a demo code in order to try it out.

Does it live up to the positive reviews it's been receiving on iTunes? Read on for my take on GoCal.

GoCal is not a universal app, meaning that you do have to purchase one for the iPad and another for the iPhone.  This isn't ideal but it has several nice features, including:

  • A beautiful icon (admit it, icons matter)

  • A unique UI that's easy on the eyes

  • Some iPad views that no other calendar app has (see below)

  • A fast sync with Google Calendar (a must for me)

  • Large input buttons for fast input

Here is a photo of the unique view within the iPad version:








It's rare to find a three column view in landscape mode.

I'm now using GoCal as my calendar app of choice.  It's good looking, syncs quickly and does not crash.  In order to give it a try, click here for more info from LightRoom.


Here is my video walkthrough of the app: