Why Your Work Matters to God

It's easy to get into a rut at work.  Whether it's the commute, the long hours or the tedium of meetings, work can get you down.

At times, I ask myself, "does this matter at all to God or am I just spinning my wheels?"

This past week, a clue appeared.

I recently received a complimentary copy of the new resource from Liturgical Press called "Give Us This Day".  A new devotional in the style of the wildly popular Magnificat, Give Us This Day features readings from the Roman Catholic Mass as well as some inspiring daily reflections.

Yesterday's reflection was from the famous Jesuit Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ.  It sums up the conundrum of work quite well- if you wonder if your work matters, reflect on this:

"Our daily round of work is full of holy significance, a preparation for greatness.  And it is in the midst of this daily round that what is holy happens."