Why this Fall is a Productivity Bonanza

Productivity geeks are always eager to try out new technology tools.  As I've heard David Allen say in numerous interviews, "If it's shiny and black and expensive, I want to try it!"  Can you relate?

This fall should prove to be exciting as we have a convergence of several new and refreshed products- all set to hit the market at about the same time.  Buckle up folks, this should be fun!

iPhone 5 and iCloud: there is no shortage of information about the new iPhone set to launch (we think) in October.  This should be an incremental step in the incredibly popular Apple line.  As for iCloud, this has a lot of implications for productivity folks as the latest iOS (5.0) has features that have to this point been offered as separate products. A company like Appigo (which makes ToDo) will now have to compete with Apple's own to-do list which is built right into the OS.

Nozbe Desktop: I can't say enough good things about Nozbe and its functionality expands with each month.  Currently, you can use Nozbe online, within the Android and iOS ecosystems and as desktop apps for both Windows and Mac.  Each version is very polished with the exception of the Windows and Mac desktop which is set to move out of Beta and into primetime.  I spoke with founder Michael Sliwinski recently and he is promising a new version very soon.

Wunderkit: German super startup 6Wunderkinder has been something of a darling of the Mac App Store and the early adopters have been raving about their list manager, Wunderlist. I like Wunderlist but find it a bit limited- it's big brother Wunderkit that is set to launch sometime this Fall.  We don't even know what it is but if the quality matches Wunderlist, it should give companies like Nozbe and OmniGroup a run for their money.

Omnifocus: Many GTD enthusiasts like OmniFocus for its versatility and seemingly unlimited potential for project management.  Still, the desktop version has a dated UI and users have been clamoring for a more updated experience.  Look for OmniGroup to make a splash for their flagship product this Fall.  Since OmniFocus is only available for the Mac- and you know how devoted Mac users are- an updated UI will be big news for sure.

Bring on the fall!