The Leadership Quotient of Blogging

A few weeks ago I decided to conduct an experiment: I would write five blog posts in five days.  It was a lot of fun and the posts were as follows:

Do You Have Pride in Your Work?

The Hardest Thing to Stop

An Alternative to a Daily Schedule

Focus Your Attention Through Desktop Apps

A Permission Slip...To Slow Down

I hadn't written this much in five days in quite a while.  I looked at it like a runner deciding to create a different workout within a given week.  It stretched me.

From a leadership perspective, creating something (anything really) that you then share with the world is good for your leadership.  Take Randy Elrod as an example.  As an artist, he often will tweet or blog about a new work that he's just finished.  This creates dialogue and dialogue is good for leadership.

Web 2.0 expert Charlene Li says this about the importance of leaders in dialogue with others: So I think the biggest impact that social media has had is that it is bringing people together.  It’s actually crafting new relationships and allowing people to create those relationships where they never existed before. (check out the rest of Charlene's interview on The Big Think here) (full interview is after the post)

Great leaders are in conversation with others.  They don't isolate themselves through a corner office or their own elevator.  More are blogging today than ever before.

For a good starting point to blogging, I recommend "What I've Learned from Four Years of Blogging" by Michael Hyatt.

Blogging- good for the soul and good for your leadership.  What are you waiting for?