Why Some People Don't Get Twitter

I just don't get Twitter.

At least that's what several people have said to me in the last two years.  It seems that people think that you have to be famous for others to follow you but that's not really the case.

Take Matthew Warner's project, TweetCatholic as an example.  Few of these folks are what we would describe as "famous".  Or look at The High Calling network of blogs.  The authors are stay-at-home moms, managers and consultants.  Again, few are famous.

What both TweetCatholic and The High Calling have in common is that people find their writers interesting.  When you are interesting, people are curious about how you spend your time.

And in comes Twitter.  I follow folks on Twitter not because it's creepy but because the people are interesting.  They have something to say.  They do interesting things.

So why aren't you on Twitter?  Even if you're nervous about tweeting, you just might find that others are interested in you.