Why Judgemental People Find it Hard to Rest

I've been participating in an online, four week e-course sponsored by SpiritualityAndPractice.com. The facilitator is Terry Hershey, author of The Power of Pause. Terry left the hectic pace of, ready for this- ministry in order to write, garden and teach others about the importance of Sabbath.

One thing I've learned this week is that to pause, that is to practice Sabbath, requires truly entering into the moment.

Some call this "flow" and others describe it as being "in the zone". Whichever fits for you, taking a meaningful break to be more aware of who you are and what is around you (i.e. Sabbath) is a discipline that applies across religious traditions.

As we enter into the weekend, consider taking a serious pause. More than a break, taking time for Sabbath is about listening, slowing down and above all things, ceasing to judge.

Americans are great at evaluating/judging things.

"I had a good nap."

"Vacation was awesome!"

"I'm just not covering enough ground in my class."

For Sabbath though, leave the judgement behind. Just "be" and allow God to teach you whatever He needs to teach you. The Scriptures are a perfect companion as they can settle into your heart and mind. When you and I can leave judgement out of a spiritual practice like taking Sabbath, our hearts are more open to spiritual insights and life edits.