Do You Have Pride in Your Work?

Earlier today I visited Academia Furniture in Lodi, NJ.  We were looking for some new classroom furniture at school and Academia is one of the only educational makers of furniture in the Garden State.

We met Marc and another Marc, both Jewish and very proud of their business.  Said the first Marc, "I'm a fourth generation furniture maker and I could talk about this stuff all day long."  We toured the factory and met some of the workers.  It was impressive.  Not sure I'll look at desks the same way again.

These men, working six days a week during the busy season, enjoy the work they do because it's part of them.  It's in their DNA to produce furniture that lasts.  Imagine if everyone had the same mindset in their daily work...

Do you have pride in what you do?

Below is a photo of one of the work areas within the factory as well as one of the welders assembling a student desk.