What Can You Notice Today?

As I write this post, I'm sitting in my favorite Panera Bread and yes, working through some office hours.  (just not at the office)

The man across from me has eaten two pieces of buttered bread and typing on an IBM Thinkpad.  The table next to me has three middle aged folks talking about their prayer life.  The manager, a burly man, is barking out commands to his staff like he usually does.

I'm noticing things today.  Colors, smells, sounds, and most importantly people.

Terry Hershey, one of my favorite authors writes, "Rediscovering wonder (or duckling moments) takes root in the soil of the simple sentence, "I never noticed that before."

What can you notice today?  Who around you needs a kind word or a helping hand?  Which moment will you embrace with acute spirituality?