What Won't You Do This Week

This week, instead of frontloading your Monday-Wednesday block of days with MORE items to do, try taking some things off the list, in essence doing LESS.

So what could you eliminate this week?  Here are but a few suggestions:

  • one pointless meeting

  • one sarcastic email

  • one angry phone call

  • one silly online purchase

  • one dinner out (instead, try out a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients)

  • one hectic drive to a place that you don't really want to go anyways

By doing less, you may actually find that you accomplish MORE.  The point is not so much to accomplish anything but to be open to whatever grace God provides and receptive to His leads.

A friend of ours recently share the details of a day in which she felt as if she had accomplished very little.  After a glass of wine and some reflection, she realized that she had indeed accomplished quite a bit:

After getting the kids off to school, I set in to do some house work, only to be interrupted by a woman on the phone who needed some encouragement.  Her child was diagnosed with cancer and she was distraught.  Two hours later I emerged for lunch, only to receive a guest at the house who just needed to talk.  Turns out, she is going through a terrible life situation as well.  That took up another hour.  By the time the kids got home from school, the day was done.

The world would tell you that this friend had just wasted her day.  In retrospect, she has simply been open to the moments that God provided and then used them well.

That's quite an accomplishment.