Take Time to Pause

I just returned from the annual National Catholic Education Association convention in New Orleans.  It was a terrific event and the NCEA does a great job of bringing speakers, practitioners and vendors together for three solid days.

While I was there I purchased Terry Hershey's The Power of Pause from Loyola Press. Something about the title really caught my eye and I read it while on my two flights back to Jersey.

Hershey's point is simple enough- practicing Sabbath is important in and of itself.  Yes, it's a means to an end (deeper relationship with God) but it might also be of benefit on its own.

Pausing/Sabbath is important on any given day in that it...

  • Renews your senses

  • Anchors you in the ordinary

  • Physically removes your stress

  • Provides an opportunity to listen to God

  • Slows you down

  • Disconnects you from technology

Each of us can find a moment in our day to pause.  I call this a Quiet Time and I often fill it with some Scripture reading as well as a time to write in my journal. Mornings are best for me but I don't stress if it comes later in the day.  The key is to simply do it and not stress whether it's "good enough" or perfect.  Sort of like a runner, I just get out there and let it happen.  I don't wait for perfect conditions to have a Quiet Time.

I think that another of Hershey's points is that Pausing need not try to accomplish anything.  Don't try to get really, really good at your Quiet Time.  Don't try to become a Master Journaler.

Just pause and see what effects take place in you over time.

When was the last time that you had a week where Pausing was a regular feature?  Psalm 46: 10 provides a great starting point if you are hoping to add more Pause to your day:

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know.

Be still.