How Winter Affects Productivity

Winter in the Northeast is not an easy time of year.  With the snow days, sick people and stuffy air, it's a season that challenges even the most avid fan of Old Man Winter.  It's also a tough time of year for those looking to make big decisions.

You might be thinking of getting a new job or moving to a new home.  Unfortunately, extended periods of time in cold parts of the country can tap into your emotions and cloud your judgment.

A mentor of mine once told me that he never makes a big decision in the month of February.  After all, February can play tricks on your mind.

Winter also has profound effects on productivity. We are sick more often as are our children so we can miss time from work.  We also begin the day in the dark and end the day with the same level of light.

I'm definitely not immune to the "winter blues" and I've learned that there are plenty of things that you can do to to overcome them. Even when it's cold out, I try to get some sun each day through a walk around the building or in my neighborhood.  I also take a different route to work a few times a week.  Each time I'm tempted to think that these small acts are silly, I fight back and stick to my guns.  They make a difference, no matter how small.

With some simple strategies and a mindset that winter won't last forever, February can be kept in check. Keep your decisions small, get the most out of your productivity routines and remember, Spring is almost here.

*Photo by suesue2
At Work, MotivationMike StPierre