Four Times When You Shouldn't Text

I received a text the other day out of the blue.  No names, salutations or indication of the sender.  It went something like this, "u free to meet this weekend?"  I was a little bit freaked out and put my detective hat on to figure out who my mystery sender was.

By the time I got to the bottom of things, it was all good.  I learned who the sender was and also felt relieved that he opted for texting.  "Probably an introvert," I told myself.

Still, it left me wondering about the times that texting might not be the best medium for communicating. Here are some ideas:

  1. When you want to share casual conversation with your boss. The only time to text your boss is when she texts you first or when you have an absolute emergency.  For casual conversation... choose another route.

  2. When you need to deliver bad news. If I forgot my wife's birthday, texting wouldn't get me out of the colossal mess of things, trust me.  If you need to deliver bad news, do it in person or if you absolutely cannot be there, use a phone.  Texting is also a poor conveyor of emotion so if you're truly sorry for something, the characters on the screen aren't going to convey your depth of feeling.  (no, the little smiley faces aren't enough for those who are wondering)

  3. When you are speaking with a customer/client. Again, if the other person initiates, it's an indication that they want you to text them back.  In all other circumstances, don't start a conversation via text.  It feels creepy.

  4. When you aren't sure of the person's contact information.  There's nothing more odd than getting a text from someone you barely know.  Always make sure that you have the cell # vs. the home phone, etc.

When did you experience bad textiquette?

*photo by abandonedhero