Where Are Your Productive Strengths?

I once worked with a man who was a master of time management.  He would arrive at the same time every day.  He would leave at the same time at night.  How did he do it?

He was very clear about his productive strengths.

One day he said to me, "Mike, I'm not the smartest person or the best at casting vision.  What I am good at is managing my time.  On some days, that may be my greatest gift."  I left shaking my head, deciphering what he really meant.  Did he actually think that time management was that important? You bet.

Years later it all became clear- those who know their productive strengths capitalize on them time and time again.  These are typically in the following areas:

  • Meeting management

  • Meeting preparation

  • Calendar management

  • Delegation

  • One-on-ones with subordinates

  • Writing

  • Weekly reviews

  • Email

  • Voicemail

I know where my strengths lie.  I enjoy writing and can give a good speech.  My weekly reviews are solid so that few things fall between the cracks.  Beyond that, time will tell.

Productive strengths are often the blocking and tackling of side of work.  You can have all of the vision in the world but if your ability to manage email is poor, those ideas will fall by the wayside.

Would people be able to identify your productive strengths?

*photo by jontunn