Four Easy Steps to Getting the Rest You Want

You've got the kind of job that is asking more of you than ever before.  Your work hours are expanding as the economy is shrinking.  At the end of the day, you have zero energy left for those you love. Did I mention that your email inbox hasn't been at zero for weeks and you have to repeat the whole thing tomorrow?

The problem isn't your job or your work hours.

The problem may be how little you are at rest.  Without rest, the grind of work can swallow your passion and destroy your health.  So how can you build points of renewal during the day?  Here are my four easy steps that work every time:

  1. Start your day on your terms. By getting to sleep at a reasonable time, the following day can be successful or at least the start of it can be.  There is nothing better than waking up without a feeling of dread and tiredness.

  2. Reclaim your lunch hour. It's essential to get away from your work and reclaim some time to recharge your body.  Step away from the desk, get some air and be alone for 15-30 minutes.

  3. Take breaks every 90 minutes. Switch gears, pull your eyes away and step away from the keyboard.

  4. Know when to stop. Just go home and be with those you love.  Unless you're negotiating a peace deal between two countries, it's probably okay to leave it for tomorrow.

So there they are- the four easy steps to reclaiming the lost art of resting.  Just as periods of work are deeply spiritual, so too are the moments of rest in between.

*photo by oddsock