It's All Work, No Matter How You Slice It

I used to dread Saturday mornings as a kid.  I would be asleep and then hear my dad's tractor summon me to consciousness- the audible sign that work was just around the corner.  Or in my case, somewhere on our property.

Dad was at it again, burning brush or hauling something to somewhere.  I would eventually emerge in work clothes and Dad would say the same thing each week as I approached the worksite, "Did you need a special invitation?  Let's get to work."

I was reminded of this last week as New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss rounded out a great win by honing in on his own issues- a contract extension worth millions.  Feel free to read the full text of his quasi-tirade but the gist of it is simple enough: it's all work man.  Pay me what I'm worth and I'll go quietly into the record books as one of Boston's finest.

Whether you stay at home with your children or catch passes in front of millions, it's all work.  That's why it is vital that we find purpose and meaning in even the most mundane of tasks.  Sure Moss is selfish and his comments untimely but he's adding to our conversation about work.

Work matters, work is personal and yes, much of life is about work.  Let's make it count.

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