A Simple Way to Structure Your Day

Michael Hyatt's recent post, Your To Do List as a Personal Command Center, piked my interest in how others are approaching their work.  After all, it's a personal, almost sacred process. Michael's system naturally varies from the next person's. I also remember a post from Leo Babauta that discussed what he calls "M.I.T.'s", or his Most Important Tasks.  Bottom line- everyone has a different way of organizing a given day.

I use a simple, three column system.

This flows from a hybrid paper/digital framework that seems to be working. (at least that's what others tell me!)  I've tried the all-digital approach and I just can't seem to escape the power of old fashioned paper and pen.

My day is organized as follows:

  • To Do: the essential tasks that absolutely have to get done.  These are typically 5-10 items.

  • To Connect With: the people I need to call, email, or drop by to see.  These are not meetings but points of connection.

  • To Meet:  the "hard calendar" items that are also in my Google Calendar.  I force myself to write these out so as to reinforce the calendar in my mind.

So I'm wondering about the framework that's working for you and YOUR daily system.  What's working?

*photo by dmachiavello