Tips for a Cool Vacation ... at Home

Since the economy went south more and more people have skipped the expensive trip and opted to stay at home.  It's easy on the wallet and often good for the soul.  It taps into that concept of sabbath which is too-often ignored, even by the Church.

A wonderful quote on sabbath is from Dorothy Bass:

"Sabbath keeping is not about taking a day off but about
being recalled to our knowledge of and gratitude for God's activity in creating
the world, giving liberty to captives, and overcoming the powers of death."

That's heavy stuff and even though I have my Master's in theology, I'm so practical that I look for what makes for a good staycation.  The fact that it is also good for my soul is added benefit!

So what makes for a good week at home?  I can tell you that for years I had no idea and as a result spent the week putzing around and not enjoying myself.  By the time I would get back to work, I was almost relieved to be done with vacation.  Sad but true.

Now, I try to put a few things in place which seem to work well for a weeklong staycation:

  1. Announce that it's still a real vacation. Colleagues at work can too easily think, "Oh, he's just at home this week, we can call him."  I'm always available for emergencies but don't really want to be interrupted by folks from work when I'm off, even if I'm at home.

  2. Put some anchors in the ground. Try to plan out 1-2 small but meaningful excursions that will put an anchor in your week.  A day trip is perfect for this.

  3. Limit your media. I take a total media unplug (see: What I Learned from a Two Week Media Fast) once or twice a year but during a staycation, I tend to keep plugged in to Twitter (are you following me yet?) and some blogs.  Just lay out an agreement with yourself and then follow it during the week.

  4. Be ok with small wins. If your goal for a staycation is to read all day on Monday and go grab a smoothie on Tuesday with a friend, great.  There are no set rules except those that you draw up with yourself.  Small wins (see Perfecting the Porch Sit) are perfectly cool during a staycation.  Be attentive to small things and remember that the point is still to recharge your batteries.

*photo by zwww