How to be Prayerful and Productive

As podcast 13 is currently in production, here's a teaser for its content:

how is prayer similar to productivity?

I'll be sharing 12 components that I think both exemplify quite well.  Here are the first three:

  1. Repetition: just as the monks, prayer is so repetitious that it can become tedious.  A key is to keep it fresh through small calibrations and adjustments.

  2. The hope needed to start again: sure, you can beat yourself up if you miss a day of prayer but it's much better to dig deep into your well of hopefulness and start again.  Hope becomes very active in this way.

  3. Simplicity: talk to God/listen to God.  That's the essence of prayer.

How can you be more prayerful today?  How can this spill over into your productivity?