Overcoming Project Letdown at Work

We've all been there- a tough project comes to a close and we feel like a million bucks.  We've made it through the stress, difficulty and long hours.  It's that good kind of tired that only hard work can bring.

The flipside is that it can lead to what I call "sliding".  You know how to slide and so do I.  You don't feel that you need to get to work early.  A few extra cups of coffee make their way to your stomach during the day.  Chit chat- why not?

Teachers do it once the end of year is in sight- they ease up on the accelerator.  Students are masters of this too- senioritis comes to mind.  But sliding isn't only for academia.

Think of the Jeep Wrangler.  If you're expecting a redesign every few years, the Wranger is not the vehicle for you.  Unfortunately, Jeep has been sliding for years after the initial success of the SUV.  Their sales have been as well because there's just nothing new about the Wrangler, ever.

Another example is Boston Market.  After bursting on the scene, they got complacent and just figured that success would spiral forward.  It obviously didn't.

The key is this- push yourself not only when a tough project is underway but right afterwards as well.  Don't slide unless of course you're at a park with water and your own children.  Keep pushing forward at work.  Triathletes know this better than anyone and knowledge workers rooted in faith can practice this as well.

If God is the ultimate CEO, then our use of time is a perfect example of stewardship.  Before, during and after a big project.
At WorkMike StPierre