GTD and Your Family

I arrived home today to faces filled with excitement.  A homemade "surprise" sign was on the bedroom door and I was eventually ushered in to see the Project of the Day.  New paint on the wall and an entire room appeared larger than when I had left it in the morning.

Call it a Father's Day gift or just a moment of inspiration; all I could think of was GTD as I applied the finishing touches on the room.  Apparently, my kids and even my wife are "getting it".  My wife said over dinner a while later, "it just feels good to finish the room and move on to the next project."

How are you teaching your family about Getting Things Done? A simple way of modeling is to practice GTD yourself.  Then, when approaching household projects, try to apply the one-thing-at-a-time rule as well as the art of finishing what you began.  To take it a step further, involve everyone in the project.  You'll get more done and the entire family will know who David Allen is.

What project can you involve the whole family in?

*photo by Kara Allyson