Extroverts and Prayer

A priest friend of mine once told me that extroverts are better hard-wired to pray with icons.  I can't really dispute this and there are very few books that specifically deal with extroversion and prayer.  The point is that an extrovert understands prayer differently from an introvert.

While the introvert (see my previous post) finds prayer comfortable and necessary, the extrovert may have to work a little harder to cultivate daily moments of prayer.  A friend of mine who is highly extroverted finds sit-down prayer difficult so he converts simple daily rituals into prayer.  Instead of listening to the radio on his way to work, he prays in his car.  Another friend takes a daily run and uses that for prayer. Some find knitting prayerful while others find serving in a soup kitchen to be helpful.

Which daily activity can you convert into a moment of prayer?

*photo by lululemon