Wanted: Apps that Sync Three Ways

Remember the days when you owned an older TV and had to get up from the couch to change the channel? Then came the remote control and a cottage industry sprang up around the need for better, sleeker and more sophisticated ways to change the channel.  Go figure.

It wasn't until recently that I realized a need that I didn't have prior to the day my iPad arrived.  I took a few weeks to putter around on iPad-specific apps and even tried out the same ones that are available on the iPhone.  Developers, like consumers, are finding that an iPad app really is different from its cousin on the smaller iPhone.

The need I realized?  Three-way syncronization.

Three-way sync is amazing to be sure but let me explain what I mean.  Let's say you run Toodledo on your iPhone which also syncs with your Toodledo.com account.  Now, you also want to use Toodledo on the iPad.  You would only use it if it could sync with the other two right?  That's what we mean by three-way sync.  Two apps worthy of mention are:

  • To-Do by Appigo. Not only is To-Do a stylish iPad app but it perfectly syncs with its online version (actually it uses Toodledo to sync) and marries its iPhone version.  Touch one and the others replicate.  Simple and elegant.

  • Nozbe. Nozbe is GTD-specific with a full range of features that bring out the best of Getting Things Done practitioners. From the use of contexts to a focus on project management, Nozbe has a full-blown cloud version and a slick iPhone cousin.  An iPad version is expected in the coming days which looks promising.  Again, touch one and the rest sync flawlessly.

The spiritual side of three-way sync is rooted in simplicity.  When your tools are fewer and they get along, life is simpler and you can focus on the things that matter most.

Which iPad and iPhone apps are you using that sync with one another and thus save you time?