Review of eBook, "Where the !@#% did my day go?"

Most of us flirt with GTD.  We've read the book, attended the seminar and told others about David Allen.  When you finally meet someone who's actually made GTD a career, it's worth taking notice.

Matthew Cornell is one of those entrepeneurs and is one of the more thoughtful GTDers out there.  His consulting practice is the real deal as he helps people implement Getting Things Done in their personal and corporate lives.

I recently read his latest eBook, "Where the !@#% did my day go?  The Ultimate Guide to Making Every Day a Great Workday" and found it to be very useful.

As Matthew points out in the opening, "This guide teaches you everything you need to know to successfully adopt a daily planning practice."  From the use of simple inboxes to a helpful Q&A about planning in general, Matthew then walks a participant in what he calls a One Week Challenge.  He figures that most of us can't stick with something for very long.  A week should do the trick and  Where the !@#% did my day go? takes readers to the next level in terms of their productivity.  He even includes sample designs of daily to-do lists and planning templates.

I recommend Matthew's work and this recent eBook is another example of GTD in action.  Pick up your copy here.
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