Promoting Work-Life Balance in Your Organization

Your organization may be a Fortune 500 firm.  Or a family of five.  It doesn't matter really because when you get right down to it, organizations need the same thing- vision, discipline, love and balance.

In our family organization, my wife and I try to instill in our kids that "one thing at a time" makes a lot of sense.  My daughter plays the recorder.  That's her one thing until the next season when she might do karate or take swimming lessons.  What we don't want is for her to do three or four things at a time and then we become a full-time chauffeur service.

In my work organization, I try to take work-life balance seriously enough that it becomes tangible.  We use the phrase in our promotional materials and we've found that it helps to recruit top talent.  I also try to model it as the CEO of the school.  As I have 2-3 late night meetings per week, my team knows that the following morning I'll probably come in an hour later.  That allows me to see my kids, take them to school and have just a little breathing room.  A friend of mine who is the Secretary of Education in a nearby city does the same.  Work/life balance in action.

How about you?  What are you doing to teach your family about boundaries, limits and balance?  How about in your work life- what can you do today to instill in your people a sense of balance?

*photo by gilest