Three Apps that Make iPad Shine

With so much buzz about the iPad in the past six months, very little has been made of which types of apps are more effective on the iPad than on the iPhone.  You sort of have to use the iPad for a few days to get a feel for what you like to do on it.

For example, I haven't had the urge to use iBooks as opposed to a softcover book.  It could also be the fact that the iBookstore still has a long way to go before it catches up with the deep resources that the Kindle has.  For every two books I look for, one is missing.  That gets old after a while.

On the flip side, there are three kinds of apps that I really love when compared with their iPhone counterparts:

  • Twitter: Tweetie, now called Twitter for iPhone, is one of my favorite apps for iPhone but TweetDeck for iPad really shines.  I've used Twitterific but find it somewhat limited.  With TweetDeck, you get a visual sense of what people are talking about based on how you want to categorize them.

  • Calendar: With a larger screen, the standard Calendar app is awesome on the iPad.  You can definitely get a "helicopter view" of the day, week, or month.

  • Mind Mapping: This is another area where iPad has some advantages over what can feel like a puny iPhone screen.  My six year old even said the other day, "Dad, the iPad makes your iPhone looks so tiny!"  I really like Popplet Lite for a mind mapping app.

Which apps are you using that make more sense on the iPad verses the iPhone?