Here's to a Great List

When was the last time that you put all of your projects on one piece of paper?  It could be in a fancy notebook or the back of a knapkin.  The key is, as is often the case, to just do it.

These lists need not be sophisticated or long.  After all, a project could be as shallow as getting the oil changed in your Chevy or as deep as a strategic plan for your business.

Once you start keeping lists, then you have to revisit them.  Then you have to edit them.  It sort of keeps on going and going but that's how productivity is like spiritual growth.

Someone once told me that "holiness is a process, not a point".  The next time someone tells you that they need to 'get organized', remind them that organization is similar to getting holy- it takes time and repetition and practice.

So what's on your list that you can act on today?

*photo by sunshinecity