Hybridize Your Message

We live in an age of integration.  We drive cars that run on both electricity and fuel.  We like MP3 players that both play music and look nice. It's a new way of doing business and living.  Dan Pink calls this the revenge of the right brain whereby simple things are now expected to have style.  Even trash cans from Target are cool.

I never understood this until I bought an Apple Macbook a few years ago.  Now, I can't imagine using anything but a Mac.

A recent example of hybridizing art with message is found in the 37Signals book, Rework.  Rather than writing a 200+ page book that you would only read half of anyway, they trimmed it down to just over a 100 pages and injected some art before each chapter.  At first glance, you feel as if there is too much art and not enough written content.  Yet, after a few chapters, you find yourself anticipating the next bit of art.  It is deeply effective.

So how can you hybridize your message and brand? Here are some suggestions:

  • When using PowerPoint, use less text and more photography

  • When creating promotional material, use less data and more symbols

  • When doing a podcast, use intro music to set the mood

  • When plowing through email, use courtesy alongside brevity

  • When giving a talk, use levity along with theology

Hybrids are here to stay.  The Benedictines knew this 1500 years ago and still promote the spirit of "prayer and work" and you can too.

This week, look for ways to link two things for a better end product.

*photo by gimli longbow