What Most Parish Websites Don't Offer

As I'm preparing an article for Today's Parish magazine about church websites, it's good to reflect on some sites I've visited in the past few weeks.  Each has something of value to offer but also lots of room for improvement:

St. Margaret of Scotland: a nice site with both English and Spanish, St. Margaret's site is much more high-end than its curb appeal would have you believe.  I was very impressed. Room for improvement: the parish has not had a school for sometime so it might be time to edit that not-so-small detail.

Northpoint Community Church: very slick site with lots of media and web 2.0 integration.  Room for improvement: could have more readily available doctrinal positions for visitors to study or read.

St. Vincent de Paul: an overall good site with updated information and soft theme.  Room for improvement: more integration with the school should be sought as should information about their famous youth program.  (I know the founder- great guy)

Have you visited your parish website lately?  If it's lacking, what can you do to assist the parish staff in bringing it up to speed?