How Much Soul Does Your Blogging Provide?

This is of course the key question to blogging- what difference does it make? Pope Benedict XVI is asking the same question of bloggers.  I'm inspired by such blogs as Shrinking the Camel, Michael Hyatt, Productivity at Home and Scott Cheatham.  These folks make a difference because they inject something human into their blogging.

Something soulful, you could say.

More and more, I see a value to Facebook for adults but very little positive from it for young people.  The amount of vile commentary that spews daily from one person to the next on the walls of Facebook is enough to concern any parent. Where is the soul?

In whatever your doing, inject some soul today!  Talk about prayer.  Mention the existence of God.  Share your faith with someone in need.  Demonstrate compassion.  It's never too late to be soulful in whatever you're doing.

*photo courtesy of salt of the earth